Sunday, 25 November 2012

Living The Good Life, But What Does That Mean

I am often asked why I say, I am living the good life in Johor Bahru. and it's a good question but one that indeed is hard to answer in a way that it will please everyone, Why? because we as human beings are all different and thats one of the things that makes us so special, and so I can and will only answer the question in a way that suits me and my beliefs.

Living the Good Life sums up in ones mind the tropical living in big house overlooking the sea, having servants to wait on us hand and foot and indulging in foods and wines to the max etc.

Ha ha thankfully I am not one of these persons, you see for me Living the good Life means only one thing,  CONTENTMENT (a state of happiness and satisfaction).

You can have contentment living in a hut or in a penthouse but you have to be content with what you have and not want more than you need (otherwise it turns into GREED).

I have three small meals a day, get lots of exercise (not as much as I should) and enjoy my home and surroundings.

For instance one of the things that makes me happy is my morning coffee while sat out on the balcony just taking in the views of the city the sea and all god creatures that are around me.

I also have great happiness when interacting with my pet Birds, Cats and Fish.

I also love the day to day achievements in my baking. Cooking and cleaning in the home.

While exercising I have time to think about future things I want do and goals to achieve. This usually is around keeping fit. Piano playing. Holidays -places I not been to yet. And local places we can go to chill and enjoy our life here in Sunny Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

So you see my expectations may be different to yours. But one thing you must do is keep away from negativity. Be it people or circumstances. Because nothing will spoil the good life more. In fact some of the happiest people I have met are the poorest. So wealth is not the main part of good life. It's Contentment and sustainability.

Have you bought something only to find Down the road you no longer use it. Of course you have as we all have. We actually do not need a lot of the crap that we get bombarded with on TV and in the media on a daily basis. However I am only beginning to realize this myself.

I am now taking steps to minimize my own home. And get rid of things I no longer need. So I put them in the spare b room and if not used within three months I get rid. I place a sticker on each item as I place in the room. Then I give away to locals.

Anyway hope I have given you an insight into living the good good life. Apologies if you came looking for fast cars. Yachts and other OTT. Items.

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