Friday, 7 December 2012

JB Evening Skyline

dog in christmas hat
Just uploaded some nighttime images I took on my Cannon 650d and I am very pleased with the results, however I have run out of space on here and so you can see them here

They will load up and scroll over the screen.

Photo Elements 2012 - Results Are Goods

I have been playing around with Photoshop Elements the software today to design some banners and it takes so much time usually but with this new software its a breeze and the results are not bead either.

These are some that i have done today..

This one I really like because I learned how to add Neon light effects to the fonts and i am really pleased.

Then I decided to play around with Christmas ideas, and these are some of them.

This is small logo enlarged for here but you can get some good control over layout, still trying to space out background so as not to cover letters with graphics.

banner to celebrate christmas 2012
this is a good one I am using for my header on the main website.

The main thing is the software is so good and easy to use after you have watched the learning videos a few times. But as the say Rome was not built in a day.

Hope you have a great weekend..

regards John J Foster

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