Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Mystery - My Present to you all

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with our loving families, and today I share with you a Christmas Mystery for you to share with your family and friends.

so what is it? well it's really a modern day take on the nativity christmas story and I am sure not only will it pass a pleasant few moments of your time but will remind us all.

Just what Christmas is and why we Celebrate it.

Enjoy it and also enjoy your Christmas and New Year.

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AES Location PDF - Malaysia

garman gps
Speed Trap Location in Malaysia

The above link is to a pdf file listing the location and addresses both land and gps, I have been asked by many if i know the locations so I did the research and found the above pdf file.

I hope it's of use to you but the best way is just not speed, (easier said than done in today's fast cars) but I have input all these co ords into my Gamin sat nav and now I get warning as I approach them so cool.

Drive Safe and enjoy your Christmas and New Year.

Regards John

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Morning Bloggers,

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