Friday, 21 December 2012

End Of The World But I'm Off Christmas Shopping.....

Ha ha so much on line and TV about today's end of the world, I know predictions do come true but wow this is a big prediction. And the way I look at it is if it happens it happens.

As a young boy my father told me "In life son, if it's out of your control, then do not worry about it".

Of course I never really knew what he was on about back then but in my life I came to realise he was a smart guy and he saved me so much stress.

Example: You do your exams, and of course you done the best that you could and it's now out of your control so do not worry about it. Now hands up how many know someone right now who done his/her exams but just will not stop going on about it, worrying about the result.

So as the end of the world is out of my control I am off doing what I love to do best SHOPPING Yeah!!.

OK so its the 21st already and i bet many are thinking wow he leaving it a bit late and your are right, why because nearer the date things get reduced in price. Now I am not a cheapskate but what it means is, I can get a better present for the allocated budget I set for each person.

That's got to be Good Right!

For instance yesterday while out shopping I noticed in Metrojaya that a lot of the expensive Christmas decorations were marked down by 50% now you just got to have some of that. because we all know it will soon be Christmas 2013 and I know i will have all my decoration already in stock.

Today is presents day so I am off to bukit indah Jusco to eat shop eat shop in that order.

BYE for nowwwwwww.

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