Monday, 24 December 2012

New Year -We Have Moved To A New BLOG Address

new blog main page
We! Have Moved Already......... 

Please! add the new blog to your book marks...
links below, many thanks. john

Using Blogger's server for many years has been truly wonderful, however we are now bursting at the seams and the only options is to pay them to host or move to another server, so I can give you the best of photographs in the blog.

At the moment its ok because I deleted a lot of the old stuff but this is not fair on new readers wanting to look at the early days as the blog photos will be missing. 

So I made the decision to move it all over to my own server at that way I can allocate as much space as i need to host the blog on thus giving me plenty of space to give you a wonderful blog read for the future....

I do hope you will change your bookmarks to,

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